Personal Quibbles: Blogging Burnout and Writer’s Block

Why I’m taking an impromptu break.

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25 Facts About 25-Year-Old Me

Today’s my birthday so here’s a post no one asked for.

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Top 6: Youtube Channels I Watched Growing Up

Although a lot of my time was spent on Myspace or AIM, I still enjoyed watching these channels.

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Personal Quibbles: Quarterly Goal Update

Three months into the year, how have my goals come so far?

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Getting Out of the House: Trip to Nemacolin Resort

And in this post, we’ll talk about Meagan’s first trip to a casino.

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Personal Quibbles: The Twilight Phase

Most of us can say we went through this or a similar phase.

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Personal Quibbles: Childhood Trauma

Halloween hasn’t always been a holiday I’ve been able to enjoy.ย  Continue reading