karolina dean

Women in Fiction: Karolina Dean

I never did anything disobedient or different or what I wanted. But now that I know I’m, like, a total freak, maybe I’m free to be who I really am. And to be honest about who I want to be with.

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Game Review: Hollow Knight

Beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth sleeps Hallownest, an ancient insect kingdom.ย 

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embrace your weird felicia day

Book Quibbles: “Embrace Your Weird” by Felicia Day – Review

Face your fears and unleash creativity.

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Meet the Cats Living In My Garage

The orange one won’t stop meowing at me.

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My 2020 Goals

What I hope to accomplish in the new year.

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supernatural season 15

Thoughts On: Supernatural Season 15 So Far

How is the final season holding up?

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Geeky Gift Guide: Environmentally Friendly Brands

Because you can definitely be geeky about the environment.

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Book Quibbles: “Glass Shards” Book Three of The Jewel Series – Review

Thereโ€™s Nowhere To Run… If Youโ€™re Trying To Escape From Yourself.

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November 2019 Roundup + Favorites

A recap of my favorite books, movies, television, and miscellaneous from November.

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73 Vogue Style Questions Tag

Who wouldn’t want to know 73 things about me?

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