Hi, I’m Bi

It’s time I officially come out on my blog.

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May 2020 Recap

A recap of my favorite books, movies, TV, and life from May 2020.

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Meet The Kittens Born In My Garage

It was a stressful experience getting to this point.

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the half of it netflix

Movie Quibbles: “The Half Of It” Review

It is said that when one half finds its other, there’s an unspoken understanding, a unity and each would know no greater joy.

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April 2020 Recap

A recap of my favorite books, movies, tv shows, and life from April.

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The Cats Living In My Garage Had Kittens

My greatest fear came true.

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puffs the play

Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic: “Puffs” – Review

A play for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.

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after darkness

Book Tour: “After Darkness” – Review

In a world where it’s illegal for cyborgs and humans to mingle…

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The Mystery Blogger Award – Chapter Two

I’d like to send a huge thank you to Smelly Socks and Garden Peas for the nomination!

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the sims 4 city living

Is The Sims 4: City Living Worth It?

I always say City Living is one of my favorite packs but is it worth it?

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