Movie Quibbles: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” Trailer

The first words of the trailer were “Lumos Maxima” and they single-handily almost made me cry.

This is my freaking childhood returning to the big screen based on a novel Rowling wrote in 2001. I remember getting this along with “Quidditch Through the Ages” for Christmas and Fantastic Beasts caught my attention right away.

The novel was supposed to be a representation of the book Harry Potter would use in school. The book came out in 2001 but I got this around the time of the third movie when the students were learning about different creatures. It’s mostly a list of creatures, their “danger” level, and what they can do/look like.

And the only thing we really knew about New Scamander was that he wrote it.

The trailer tells us of a few things:

The movie will take place in New York so we finally get to see what the Wizarding World is like in a different country. What’s a big difference? Instead of muggle, we call our non-magic folk…no-maj.

Newt is a “magizoologist,” who studies and collects magical creatures and keeps them in a briefcase (which we know is much bigger on the inside.) However, some creatures escape and we can only assume the rest of the movie will be Newt trying to re-collect the creatures before exposing their world.


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And because we don’t have enough conflict…we have an organization that is trying to expose magic and wizards and considering how big this is, Snape would find Harry and Ron’s excursion to be a bit tame.

Now, this is a long shot, but the movie takes place 70 years before the beginning of Harry Potter, and there could be some older faces, but a big younger. At the end of the trailer we hear someone yelling out Newt’s name and I’m not the only one who thinks it could be the one and only: Minerva McGonagall. The voice! It’s so similar hopefully it’s not just a coincidence and to put it at the end of the trailer would be such a big Easter egg for fans.

As for the casting, I’ll put it right out there that I wanted Matt Smith to play Newt. He’s already comfortable in a fantasy world and he loves badgers and Newt is a Hufflepuff…it almost seemed meant to be. So when Eddie Redmayne was cast I was a little disappointed, especially after Jupiter Ascending (which I didn’t even see but saw reviews for and clips of him as the villain.) I know it’s harsh to judge someone off one bad performance, but it can be a bit worrying. From the trailer however, it’s safe to say he seems good…he seems good.

I’m pretty excited for this. Actually I’m very excited. Freaking magical creatures + the Wizarding World = beyond excited. I know we’re getting a sequel to the Harry Potter series in play-form, but just returning to that world is enough for me. I want to be conscious, but hell with that.

All he had to say was Lumos Maxima and I was excited.


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