TV Quibbles: The 100 Recap

With the third season nearing and my anxiety rising it’s time we look back on the second season of the highly underrated series.

*spoilers if you haven’t seen the second season yet*

The season started where we left off: the 100 being split up after they desperately tried to defend themselves from the Grounders that really wanted them dead.


Clarke, Jasper, Monty, and most of the group were taken to Mount Weather, a place none of them knew still existed. When they first get there things seem to be perfect, except to Clarke. She’s the only one who could see beyond the facade and get down to what’s really going on there. Soon she discovers the people in the mountain are capturing Grounders and using their blood to cure their people. The people in the mountain can’t survive the outside world and they want to figure out a way, even if that means draining hundreds of innocent people’s body.

Clarke discovers this and the leader of the tribe of Grounders that wanted to kill her, Anya, stuck in a cage. They escape together and the rest of the group was told a bullshit story of how Clarke was mentally unstable.

Meanwhile Bellamy and Finn were captured by another set of Grounders but are rescued when the survivors of the Ark go searching for them. Raven and Murphy are dying inside the ship but are also rescued.

They are taken back to “Camp Jaha” where Kane seems to be in charge. He even has Abby whipped because she let Bellamy and Murphy escape the camp to go look for Clarke and the rest of the group.


Well Clarke finally gets back to the main group, although they think she’s a Grounder because of the mud covering her. Anya was shot and killed, but thankfully Abby recognizes Clarke and takes her in.

After waking up Clarke meets with Raven, Octavia, and even Bellamy, who shares a loving hug with her and caused all the Bellarke shippers to go nuts (including me.) But where’s Finn? Oh he’s still out there looking for Clarke and mentally breaking down each second he can’t find her.


He and Murphy come across a small tribe that happens to have some of their belongings and Finn thinks they killed Clarke. He threatens them with a gun but because a few get scared he ends up shooting at least a dozen grounders just as Clarke walks in to show that she’s alive. In a really creepy scene Finn stares at Clarke as she stares at the massacre.

This caused a lot of tension between the fandom. Some people believed Finn deserved to die, others stuck up for him, saying he was just emotional over Clarke. Well the Grounders didn’t take it lightly because they want Finn.

Jaha makes it down to earth after sacrificing himself on the Ark and comes across other people not living in the forest and we realize there is so much more to the world these people can go to and the possibilities are endless. But he is captured by Grounders. Cane is also captured and they want to speak to the Commander of the Grounders.

They try to get Cane and Jaha to fight each other while a girl sits in the prison with them. In a twist the girl is revealed to be Commander Lexa and after hearing the two talk, she decides they are good people, but Finn still needs to pay for his crimes. She seems to like Cane better because she has her men beat Jaha up and send a message that the Sky People need to leave or they will die.

Clarke tries desperately to talk to Lexa and seems to get her respect when she says she and Anya escaped the mountain together. Clarke tells Lexa everything and that they should form a truce to get all of their people out, but of course, Finn needs to pay for his crimes first.


They want to torture Finn and make him pay for all those he killed. Clarke tries to convince Lexa to show mercy but it just won’t happen. Clarke asks if she can say goodbye, which Lexa allows, and in a shocking mid-season finale, Clarke kills Finn to save him the hurt he would have gone through.

The truce is formed and we learn more about Lexa. First, she’s a lesbian and lost her girlfriend because she cared too much, so she tries to tell Clarke to not care at all, which changes Clarke and she makes decisions first season Clarke would have never done.


Throughout the second half of the season we see Lexa and Clarke grow closer (in every way) while working together to get their people out of the mountain. Clarke becomes the leader of the Sky People, which doesn’t make Abby happy. Octavia becomes a fighter and a second to one of the Grounder leaders, Indra. Bellamy sort of becomes Clarke’s second, always having her back and protecting her. She sends him into the mountain to get more information and this is when they get the opportunity to get their people back.


Meanwhile in the mountain, our group starts to realize what’s going on and are trying to get out. Jasper’s love interest, Maya, becomes an ally to them, but just can’t seem to get them out. Soon we discover the people in the mountain are using bone marrow, which could allow them to become immune to the radiation that still lingers on earth, therefore killing off many of our 100. They even capture some of those at camp Jaha, which causes Clarke to become even more vengeful.

Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two

The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The Grounders and the Sky People get to the mountain, but the Mountain Men make a deal. They don’t really want the Grounders anymore because the Sky People’s bone marrow can cure them. They let all the Grounders out and Lexa betrays Clarke and walks away, leaving Clarke to stare at the mountain.

Octavia and Clarke get in by the underground and Bellamy meets up with them, getting them inside. Clarke has a nice reunion with Jasper and Monty and they are off to rescue their people.

Now while all this is going on we have Jaha, Murphy, and a group of Sky People off in search of a City of Light. Lots of them get axed off until it’s only Jaha and Murphy. They get separated and Murphy finds something like a bunker filled with food and electronics, but a message plays on a TV talking about some girl.

Jaha finds a hologram of a girl who found the missile Jaha came to earth on and who knows where that’s going to go.

Monty, Clarke, and Bellamy are in a control room. Clarke kills the President of the Mountain Men to prove a point to his son (who we all hate any way) and Murphy is able to let in the radiation, but it would kill everyone. Clarke and Bellamy pull the trigger together, therefore rescuing their people. Jasper is pretty pissed since Clarke killed his girlfriend, but let’s be honest, they deserved it.

Everyone heads back to camp, except Clarke. Bellamy tells her to stay, but Clarke can’t deal with the fact that she let hundreds of people die. She’ll take the pain with her. Clarke walks into the woods, leaving Bellamy. It was a pretty emotional scene between the two. It showed that they truly love each other (whether it be more than friends or not) they need each other. And it showed us just how far their relationship has come, especially since they hated each other at first.


So where does this leave all of our characters?

Clarke is wondering through the woods. Raven is disabled after almost losing a leg but has a new romance with Wick. Octavia is no longer Indra’s second but has badass fighting skills and Lincoln is there with her. Monty and Jasper will probably have a hard time rebuilding their friendship since Monty was part of the reason Maya died. And Bellamy is left to look over the group. Murphy is locked up in some bachelor pad and Jaha is talking to a hologram.

So much happened last season and I only talked about the main parts that have changed our characters. The previews in the season three trailer show Clarke on the run and perhaps a civil war brewing within the Grounders. She’ll reunite with Lexa but also her people, after some shit has probably gone down. There was a picture of Clarke dressed up like a Grounder and you have to wonder if she’s going to join them. Apparently she does meet one of the big Grounder leaders.

I’m actually recapping the show for International Geek Girls so won’t be on here, but I will do my thoughts when we reach the mid-season finale and the finale.

Aside from the Walking Dead, this show is the one I’ve been  most excited for. I never expected to love this show so much and care about the characters the way I do. I guess a big character is going to die right away and I’m full of anxiety right now.



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