Unboxing: Fanmail December 2017, “Simply Marvelous”

Marvel superheroes have leapt from the page to the screen, creating a rich universe that would be spectacular (and just a tiny bit dangerous) to live in. 

It’s no surprise we’d get an all Marvel box sooner or later. Their endless movies/comics create endless ideas for a box. Being a pretty big fan of Marvel (I also like DC) I got pretty excited for this crate and once again, Fanmail didn’t disappoint.

Thor: Ragnorak Tote Bag


Artwork by Amelia Lo.

When I first saw this tote bag I got a bit creeped out (in a good way!) The detail in the drawings is incredible. Thor looks like he got plucked out of a photo. I also like the color (or lack of), it makes it a lot easier to use it with any outfit.

Yes I have to pick a bag that won’t clash with what I wear.

Spider-Gwen Infinity Scar


By: Bioworld

I wanted to start Spider-Gwen such a long time ago and it never happened. This may be the sign I needed. It’s a silky, rather big infinity scarf. I’m such a big scarf person and whether it be one color or decorated in Spider-Gwen artwork I’ll probably wear it.

Thanks to my lovely assistant for helping me with this one.

Spider-Man Sleep Mask


By: Fanmail

If we have Spider-Gwen then we should have Spider-Man. I don’t think I ever tried sleeping with a sleep mask, but I have a feeling I’ll wake up and forget it’s on then freak out. Good news: it does stretch around most head types.

Black Panther Necklace


By: Fanmail

The more I watch the Black Panther trailer, the more excited I get for the movie. This is a different world we have yet to properly meet. I like how the necklace isn’t too big, and the detail is awesome.

Jessica Jones Art Print


By: Varsha Vijayan

I love Jessica Jones so much. Not only do I think I could cosplay her pretty well, but she’s become one of my favorite Marvel characters. It’s such a beautiful piece of art, especially with the purple-hue illuminating her face.


I’ve mentioned this before but I love the little book included in the Fanmail box with information on what you get in the crate plus upcoming “geeky” movies, TV, and books you may have forgotten/didn’t know about.


What a great crate. Out of all the crates I unbox I always enjoy Fanmail the most (not trying to be biased) but every time I receive one there’s not one item inside I don’t like. Always great quality while including smaller businesses/artists that deserve more attention to their work.

Looking forward to February’s theme: Medieval Mayhem


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