Reviewing: Once Upon a Time, “The Price”

Sure we complained about the side characters not getting enough screen time, which led to the Camelot crew getting screwed.

*spoilers, of course*

It’s a new curse so obviously crossing the town line and escaping is just too easy. The Dwarves are at it again and discover leaving will turn you into a tree…we later learn that Merlin is stuck inside a tree, maybe this has something to do with that but who knows. Why is Merlin stuck in a tree? What happened to the theater ushering?

The Camelot crew has waited a decade for the prophecy to come true. Those damn prophecies always talk about a savior but never say when. There was the prophecy about Emma, but she waited 28 years. At least they got stuck with ten. They’ve even been preparing a ball for them this whole time!

While we learn about Merlin’s fate, Arthur asks who the savior is, and Regina steps up thinking if Emma uses her magic it will only turn her darker. This was a good idea, but it looks like Emma’s going to be doing all of Regina’s work for her since Regina isn’t the true savior. Or maybe she is and just doesn’t know it yet.


While at the ball Regina and Robin are dancing when Percival asks to dance with Regina. He knows she’s the Evil Queen and tries to kill her, but Robin gets stabbed instead. Charming kills him (way to have a five-minute cameo big character from the Camelot lure) and Regina convinces Emma to use her magic to save him.

Are we still all about saving Robin? Do we really need Robin? I said it once and I’ll say it again, after last season when he seemed to get over Regina quickly and then just jump back into her life, he’s rubbed me the wrong way.

BUT as we know, magic comes with a price.

Bringing Robin back from the dead summoned a Fury, a soul collector for the underworld. Was it a Fury because Emma used dark magic? Well the Fury needs her payment and is ready to take Robin when Regina decides to put herself out there and sacrifice herself for him. But like in Guardians of the Galaxy, when more than one person puts themselves out there, they are able to defeat a dark source of power (Snow, Charming, Leroy, and King Arthur?) all risk their lives and the Fury can’t handle the power of love.

Again, Regina has to save Robin. Sure he saved her at the ball, but I’m sure Regina could have handled herself. At this point I think everyone is tired of Robin. Many people have complained about Regina willing to die and leave Henry without a mom (and with his only other mom, the Dark One.) But at this point it doesn’t seem like the Outlaw Queen train is stopping any time soon.

Speaking of Henry he has a crush! Or what will probably be a crush with a girl from Camelot, Violet. I still wish Henry was gay. I wish someone on this show was gay (Mulan can’t be the only one.)

Meanwhile, Dark One Emma is going around telling people she’s still the same Emma despite putting the town in curse, wiping their memories, and just acting all broody (and talking weird for some reason.) In Emma’s basement though, is Excalibur, still in the stone. Emma can’t pull it out, but wants to reconnect it with the dagger so she can wipe away all light and become the most powerful Dark One ever.

Strangely, when Belle kissed Rumple his darkness would start to go away (true love’s kiss) but eventually the power overtook Belle’s love and it stopped working. When Hook kissed Emma, nothing happened. Did Emma succumb to the darkness already or are she and Hook not meant for each other? Or is it something the writer’s never thought about?

And what about Snow and Charming? Well Charming is helping Henry hook up with Violet and they’re also teaching Regina how to dance! What about Emma? We’re always reminded she’s their daughter! Again, actions speak louder than words. It seems like Hook is trying the hardest when it comes to helping Emma, but they want to stay the hell away from her.

Did anyone else find it funny Emma was dressed in all white and meant to look very “pure” at the ball, maybe it will outweigh the darkness!


I said it in the beginning and I’ll say it again: side characters do seem to be getting more screen time, but that means less time for our Camelot crew. Other than Arthur (who shows up when needed), everyone is pretty bland. And his wife Guinevere doesn’t add much either. There’s Lancelot we all remember, but he’s dead, so….

In the end the town believes Regina could be the new savior, but it’s a lot of pressure for someone who just started to become good again. And what did she do to piss off Dark One Emma? Did she use Emma’s magic too much to help herself out and it eventually turned Emma dark? No one knows. Emma is constantly talking about Camelot but won’t say what happened.

“You failed to save me!”

“What did I do?”

“Ur..I’m not going to tell you, but I’m gonna keep complaining about it!”


Will Snow and Charming start to give a shit about Emma again? Did they manage to free Merlin? Is Merlin even in that tree? Does Robin even make a difference anymore except for Regina to cry over?

I will admit the season so far seems to be making up for the last. I’m enjoying it and I do like Camelot, I just wish the characters would start to be more developed. All in all, it’s been good, not without its faults, but good.


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