The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals – Review

Welcome to Hatchetfield…a city on the brink of Armageddon.

I remember first learning about A Very Potter Musical in high school and kicking myself for not watching it sooner despite hearing numerous people praise it.

Starkid is the production company who created AVPM and continues to make musicals today. I’ve seen (almost) all of them and, The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals, was released on their Youtube channel on December 23, so even before I start the review, I recommend checking out their musicals and supporting their team.

Okay, onto the review.

He’s the Guy

Before starting the show, I thought this would be about a guy stuck in a musical, you know like breaking the fourth wall kind of thing…

The first number lets us know Paul is the star of the show and doesn’t like musicals. Like many Starkid songs, it’s catchy but the way the actors move is also creepy, like zombies, and I started to get what the show would be about.

starkid productions

Starkid Productions

Paul goes on with his day working at a business answering calls and fumbling words while talking to a barista at a coffee shop. We meet his coworkers like Charolette who’s having marriage problems with her husband Sam and sleeping with another coworker Ted, who’s kind of a jackass to everyone.

Everyone is talking about Mamma Mia! showing at a musical theater in town but it’s cut short as a meteor crashes into the building. The next morning Paul runs into a girl on the street he ran into the day before as she bursts into song, and others as well. Paul is confused but learns that his friends have dealt with the same thing.



The meteor seemed to have done something to the people in town, causing them to act like their life is a musical, and since Paul hates musicals, not only does he have to avoid being infected with the same urge to sing and dance, but to avoid the singing altogether.

A Show Stopping Number

The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals is a comedy horror…which didn’t hit me until the horror came in. I was surprised at the death and gore, which was done very well. It’s great to see Starkid go from AVPM to this with great lighting, sound, and the quick changes as the cast is a bit smaller from previous productions.

Starkid actually had to have a fundraiser to raise money to create this musical, something I wasn’t aware of so I should probably keep up-to-date with Starkid more often.

starkid produ

Starkid Productions

Like always, the script and musical numbers are some of the best parts of the show. Since characters burst into song about everyday things, they could range from it just being a “La Dee Dah Dah Day” or coffee. One of the creepier numbers involves Charolette and her husband Sam as they move and talk in sync, which also deserves credit.


I always enjoy Starkid productions and this has been added to the list. Even with a smaller crew, they pulled off some big changes and numbers, making it feel bigger than it is. The songs are catchy and I actually woke up with one in my head.

Even better, they are free to watch. Of course, if you want to support them you can buy a copy but I still recommend checking out all their musicals which range from Harry Potter to Batman.


Starkid Productions

With creepy performances and overall great production, The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals is a fun watch and I highly recommend it, even if this is your first Starkid musical.








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