Book Quibbles: “Glass Shards” Book Three of The Jewel Series – Review

There’s Nowhere To Run… If You’re Trying To Escape From Yourself.

I was sent a copy of the book in exchange for a paid review and would like to, once again, thank the author, Emilie Vainqueur. However, I’ve enjoyed this series so far and was looking forward to the third installment. If you haven’t heard of this series until now, I highly recommend it, and if you’re unsure, a link to my review for book one is below.

I also want to mention spoilers for the first and second books.

Here are my reviews for The Jewel Series:

Amethyst: Book One 

Black Flame: Book Two

Glass Shards

the jewel series


Book Three of The Jewel Series

Author: Emilie Vainqueur

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Dystopian

Publication Date: November 22, 2019

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I finally make it into Poplar City with my spine intact, but the thing holding me back is my past. I’ve killed thousands, including my own brother. How am I going to protect my sister, the only family member I have left, when it’s me I’m trying to protect her from?

My Review

I want to start this out by saying how much I appreciate the recap at the beginning of the book. Although I remember what happened (as it wasn’t too long ago I read the second book) it’s still convenient and I think every book in a series should have one.

The book starts off right where the second ended with Amethyst celebrating her sister, Diamond’s, birthday. Where the first two books were more action-packed and showed Amethyst’s thieving life, this one shows what her day-life is like such as going to the market or living with Diamond. It even explains why Amethyst doesn’t go out except at night and how hard it was for her growing up with no one to talk to.

There are more characters and backstory, giving more life to Amethyst and what she’s been through. It even jumps into the point of view of her love interest, Tyryn, as he explains how he met Amethyst and how his perspective of her changed over ten years.

But Amethyst is still scared of herself and what she might do to her sister and wants to find a way out, and she hopes it’ll come in the form of the Black Flame.

My Rating



My only quibble is in the beginning, Amethyst explains to her sister what happened over the previous days, which is a bit of a recap but slows the story down for a bit. I appreciated the recap, having not read the books in a few months, but then the story picked up and I found myself flying through it.

I enjoyed learning more about Amethyst and her relationships with others, especially her sister, who wishes Amethyst would see her powers aren’t a curse. I feel her sister speaks for the readers.

I wouldn’t say this book is “laid-back” but more so than the others, which is a great change of pace. The ending took me off guard and I’m excited for the next, which isn’t available until next July but is something to look forward to, and gives everyone plenty of time to catch up on the series.


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