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A Mid-Year Update

Have I accomplished any of my goals? Short answer: no.

This is partially a goals update while also an update in general since I haven’t blogged in two months. The motivation hasn’t been there. Despite me drafting posts, doing anything beyond that hurt my brain…literally. My brain didn’t want to do it.

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A Personal Update

I haven’t been doing nothing. I’ve actually gotten out of the house from going to the beach, the theater for the first time in two years, and the National Aviary. I’ve been doing a lot of paint by numbers, crochet, and slowly reading again. I make myself read a chapter or a post a day.

I also signed up for Noom…while still being on Weight Watchers and totally lost motivation to do that after a month, but I signed up for a seven month plan so I should try to get back into it. I hate counting calories and prefer Weight Watchers point system. Just in case anyone is wondering.

And since it’s summer I’m in the busy season at work so it does effect how much I get done. After a 7-3 shift I’m wiped out.

I LOVE summer, but I’m ready to get to September. I’m ready for fall.

A Goals Update

These are the goals I posted in my “2021 Blog and Personal Goals” post.


  • publish my book: I’ve had zero motivation to work on my book until the last few weeks. I hope that motivation sticks
  • move my blog from WordPress to Siteground: I actually did this back in March and hated it so I moved it back
  • post 1-2x a week: I think I was keeping this up until my impromptu break the last two months
  • create an author’s website: still trying to figure out if I want to do it through WordPress or somewhere else
  • engage with other bloggers more: going as well as posting


  • continue to get fit and stronger: I mean, I have gotten stronger and will continue to do so
  • ideally, I’d like to get down to a size 6: HA
  • pay off a credit card that’s been torturing me for years: I paid off a good chunk of it thanks to the stimulus checks…only to buy Elton John tickets so I really need to watch it
  • read, at least, two books a month: that’s embarrassing
  • get a new car: probably not this year
  • get a new tattoo: finally, a success
  • donate my hair (I’ve been growing it out since last February): another success
  • meditate 3-4x a week to start and hopefully up it: definitely haven’t done that
  • continue to be pescatarian/vegetarian most of the week: I was HORRIBLE with this after I signed up for Weight Watchers. A lot of the stuff I ate wasn’t the best for me so I had to replace it with chicken
  • track my finances: going alright
  • finally go somewhere other than work/appointments when I feel safe enough/get vaccinated: I did something every weekend in July and finally went to the beach so I see this as a win
  • learn sign language: started off strong and fell off the wagon

Goals For The Rest Of The Year

I want to be a bit easier on myself since we are still in a pandemic (and who knows where we’ll be a month from now.) I know I can get a lot from the original list done, but still want to make things a little easier.

  • post 4x a month
  • send my book to beta and sensitivity readers
  • just be healthy in general. I’ll get there eventually
  • dye the ends of my hair
  • possibly sell some crocheted stuff as I’m still getting back into it
  • watch my spending
  • I still want to learn any language and I’m set on sign language

There’s still a lot I have to look forward to this year. I have another week’s vacation in October, all the new Marvel shows and movies, craft shows, and obviously the holidays.

I have another post planned for this week (woo) of a bunch of mini reviews of random things I never got to talk about over the last few months. And I hope to catch up on other’s blogs as well.


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