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What If…Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands? – Review

Love can break more than your heart. It can shatter your mind.

Someone tell that to Wanda.

My reviews of What If…? so far:

Watcher, I’ve Come To Bargain

Just like in our Universe, Stephen Strange must become the Sorcerer Supreme. Something must happen in order for him to seek answers and train in the mystic arts. But unlike losing his hands, losing his heart results in much bigger consequences that he cannot move on from.

what if doctor strange

This episode takes the cake (so far) as being the darkest. The stakes are the highest they’ve ever been. Strange wants to go back and change what happened but what happened is a fixed point (or Absolute Point) in time. It cannot be changed, but he refuses to believe that. Despite being warned by pretty much everyone he does whatever it takes to gain the power in order to change time.


what if doctor strange

If this is a precursor to the Multiverse of Madness then we have a lot to look forward to. You learn a little more about the mystic arts and what Strange can do to become more powerful. Even the Watcher gets more screen time as Strange knows about his presence. It actually feels like he’s become more and more visible during each episode. I wonder if that’s leading up to something in the end?

The only downside to the episode, and this is 100% a personal thing, I’m not the biggest fan of Strange and Christine. Their relationship was always “meh” to me. I never connected to them so seeing them in a different universe doesn’t do anything either, but that doesn’t take away from how tragic the story ends.

But the animation is great and of course, the actors return to do the voices. Benedict Cumberbatch has a lot to do.

Overall, episode four has a much darker tone with little to no “fun” moments. Last episode, I laughed a few times at the Avengers’ deaths (that sounds bad) but this one leaves you feeling a bit like the end of Infinity War. You know after you watch it for the first time and you’re just sitting there, not sure what to think. I vividly remember that feeling, sitting in the movie theater, but this time, on my couch.


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